What is PFOA?  (PFAS) and Polyfluoroalkyl substances are part of a large family of man made chemical that are found in a variety of products commonly used in products such as non-stick cookware, waxes, paints and cleaning products.    It has been determined that two of these substances, PFOA (Perflurooctane acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid) may be present in certain fire fighting solutions (AFFF).

What does it do to you? Certain PFAS substances can accumulate in your body and stay for a very long time. Long term exposure, in high concentrations can have negative health effects resulting in thyroid disease, testicular, kidney and bladder cancers to name a few.

How are you exposed to it?    Studies show that These chemicals can be ingested orally, absorbed through the skin or even inhaled from the atmosphere.

How has this impacted the fire protection and AFFF industry?

  • Manufacturers have discontinued manufacturing and selling the previous (C8) foam concentrates.
  • Manufacturers are now manufacturing and selling, through distribution such as Beacon Fire Supply, new fluorine-free (C6) foam concentrates.
  • We are seeing old formulate (C8) AFFF being removed from existing fire trucks, foam systems, storage and replaced with new fluorine-free (C6) foams.
  • For foam that is installed in tanks, the old foam is being removed along with the bladders and incinerated and the tank and all piping is being triple rinsed and the system is being recharged with the new fluorine-free (C6) foam.

How Do I Know That I am Buying the C6 Foam?

All foam sold by Beacon Fire Supply is a formulation that contains short-chain C6 fluorochemicals manufactured using a telomer-based process that does not produce PFOS and does not break down to yield PFOA. The fluorochemicals used in the foam concentrates that we carry meet the goals of the US Environmental Protection Agency 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program.

What type of Foam Does Beacon Fire Supply Sell?


Haven't replaced your foam yet?

Beacon Fire Supply is a leading source of fire fighting foams. Whatever type of foam you need, Beacon can help you.  Please call us for an additional discount on orders of $9,000 or more!  Don't forget to enter your free shipping coupon code on orders over $299......that will be a great savings to you.

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