The National Fire Code and Local Code Inspectors require that all emergency lights or lighted exit signs be inspected and tested at least once a month.   This test must include a 30 second test of the lights.

How do you do this? Most emergency lights or exit lights have a small "push to test" button on the outside of the light fixture. You can push and hold this button for 30 seconds to test the bulbs and batteries.   

What should happen? The lights should come on and remain at the same brightness level for the full 30 seconds of the test. Many batteries that are low in charge will only light up the bulbs for a few seconds and will quickly lose power.  If you don't test the light for the full 30 seconds each month, you will not really know if they have enough battery charge to fully activate in the event of an emergency. By testing the lights for at least the full 30 seconds, you can make sure that the batteries don't have have this type of initial limited charge.

What if it doesn't?  If the lights dim right away or some of the bulbs don't work, then the batteries or bulbs need replaced right away.    

How can I do this and save time each month?  What takes up the most time when performing this monthly task is setting up the ladder and climbing up on it to push the test button and then getting back down, moving the ladder and setting it up again. Not to mention the safety precautions that you must take when climbing up on a ladder. Beacon Fire Supply offers our EX-BMTTS - Exit/Emergency Light Testing ToolThis enables you to test your exit and emergency lights from the ground level which saves you an incredible amount of time and minimizes safety risk often associated with working off of a ladder.

How do I prove that I tested my lights each month?  Beacon Fire Supply offers our Emergency Lighting Test Label (Roll of 100) that enables you to provide a service record.    They measure 3 1/2" x 1 1 3/4" inches.    These labels can be affixed right to the exit/emergency light and provide all of the proof you need for assurance that the unit was tested and for when the local fire marshall pays a visit and wants proof that your lights are being tested.

Where can I get replacement batteries and/or bulbs?    Beacon Fire Supply can assist you with all of your replacement needs for batteries & bulbs.  Don't see the specific bulb that you need? Just contact us and will quote you on what you need so that you can stock a few spares at your facility for when they need replaced.

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