1 1/2" Pin Rack Hose Assembly with Aluminum Couplings & Red Lexan Nozzle

UL listed/FM Approved Pin Rack Hose Assembly provides an immediate water source for fire control and suppression.    Designed specifically for building occupant use.   

The swingable pin rack is equipped with an automatic release mechanism that prevents water from flowing through the hose until the valve is opened which occurs as the last fold has been pulled off the rack.   This design provides ease of use and makes it functional to be used by one person.

Unit Includes:

  • Red Semi-Automatic Swing Pin Rack
  • UL Listed/FM approved Pre Folded Rack Hose coupled with Aluminum fittings.
  • Cast Brass Rack Nipple
  • Cast Brass Rack Angle Valve (300 PSI)
  • Red Lexan Nozzle

Sizes:   Available for 50', 75' or 100' of rack hose.

Pre-folded Hose Specifications:

  • 50'     15-16 folds     18"
  • 75'     17-18 folds     24"
  • 100'    24-25 folds    23"
  • 250# Service Test Pressure
  • 500# Proof Test Pressure
  • 750# Burst Pressure

Threads:   Available with NST or NPSH threads

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