Amerex 2 1/2 Gal. Water Mist Fire Extinguisher With Wall Hook - Model B272 (Part 21004)

Water mist is the ideal fire extinguisher for Class A fires and for locations where Class C (electrical) hazards exist.    The fine spray from the misting nozzle provides safety from electrical shock, enhances the cooling and soaking characteristics of the agent and reduces scattering of burning materials.    The Amerex Water Mist fire extinguishers contain de-ionized water (sold separately) making them the bests extinguishers for protection of hospital environments, telecommunication facilities and "clean room" manufacturing facilities.  

UL Rating:  2:AC

Discharge Time:   80 seconds

Discharge Range:   10-12 ft.

The Amerex Water Mist Fire Extinguishers are easy to use, maintain and service.

  • Non-Magnetic Construction Tested for MRI Facilities to 11.7 Tesla (including wall hook)
  • Temperature Range +40F to 120F
  • Non Toxic - causes no Respiratory Problems
  • No Electrical Conductivity Back To the Operator
  • No Thermal or Static Shock
  • Most Economical Agent Available
  • Utilizes 2 Pack Charges - Model 670 and 671 Deionized Water Extinguishing Agent (Sold Separately)
  • Sanitary and Easy To Clean White Paint Finish

Warranty:  5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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