Draeger Pac 8000 Single Gas Cyanide Detector - Model 8328276

This robust unit will equip you for touch conditions.   Non-Disposable, personal single-gas detection device that is reliable and precise.   

Measuring Range:  0-50 ppm

Resolution:   0.1 ppm

Dimensions Without Clip:    2.5 x 3.3 x 0.8"

Warranty:  1 Year

  • Strong Performance/Maximum Safety - Powerful sensors with low t-90 response time provides quick reaction.  In addition to the standard alarms, you can set extra alarm thresholds for TLV and STEL.
  • Robust Design - Can easily handle extreme conditions.  The sensors can tolerate air pressures between 700-1300 mbar.   A membrane filter protects the sensor from foreign matter such as dust and liquids.  The shock proof, chemical resistant housing meets the requirements specified by the IP68 standard rating.
  • Easy Handlling - The D-Light indicates whether the device is ready to use.   
  • User Friendly Display - The large display indicates the gas concentration.   Other important information such as unit of concentration and battery capacity is also displayed.   The bright backlighting ensures clear visibility even in the dark.
  • 360 Degree Alarm With Various Functions - Once the Draeger Pac 8000 measures hazardous gas concentrations, it sets of an audible, visual and noticeable vibrating alarm.   Two bright flashing LEDs on the top and bottom of the device ensure that the alarm is easily visible from all sides.   The acoustic signal reaches a volume of 90 dB.   The display can indicate the peak concentration measured at any moment.  Earlier alarms registered can be retrieved at a later time, even if acknowledged.
  • Data Logger and Event Logger - The Pac 8000 logs concentrations and events along with date and time.   The data can be downloaded to a PC via an interface.
  • Economical Operating Costs - All Draeger Pac 8000 units are equipped with extremely durable Draeger sensors and a powerful battery.   The Pac 8000 is protected against water, dust, and other foreign subjects by a special membrane filter.   When the filter becomes heavily soiled, you can quickly and easily replace it yourself.    The device is then ready to be put back into operation.
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