Protectowire Fiber Optic Sensor Cable - Model PFS-554-FR

Protectowire Fiber Optic Sensor Cable With Internal SS Braid - Model PFS-554-FR

This item is for the cable only and sold per meter with Minimum Order of 30 meters.   Must be in 10 meter increments.  (1 Meter = 3.281 Feet)

Pricing is Per Meter.

Cable Diameter:    4 mm (.16 inches)

Min. Bend Radius:    60 mm (2.4 inches)

Max. Ambient Temp Range:    -40 to 85 C / -40F to 185 C

This product is a best described as a continuous linear thermometer actively reporting temperature readings in real time.   The restorable linear heat detector is comprised of quart fibers enclosed in a low smoke zero halogen jacket.    Immune to all EMI and RFI, the fiber optic linear detector can be configured to offer custom alarm criteria and zone sizes up to 30,000 feet (10 + km) in length.

Type FR consists of a stainless steel core tube with two independent quartz fibers.   The outside of the tube is then wrapped with a layer of thin stainless steel wire that adds to the mechanical and tensile strength of the cable.    

UL Listed Alarm Operating Temperature is programmable from 135F (57C) to 235F (113C).

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