Stat-X Fireaway First Responder - Model 15001 (4 Pack)

In the event of a fire, The Stat-X First Responder units are activated by removing the safety clip and pulling the ring pin.  The unit can then be thrown near the fire where it will actuate following a five (5) second time delay.

When it activates, it produces an effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol that provides fast knock down and rapid suppression of fires.

  • Aerosol Fire Suppression
  • Offers Significant fire "knockdown" and rapid suppression capabilities for enclosed spaces.
  • 0 Ozone Depletion, 0 Atmospheric Life and Insignificant Global Warming Potential
  • Reliable, Cost Effective Fire Protection Tool 
  • Small, Compact and Portable
  • Made In The USA
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